Session Organizers: Pedro M. Jordan; Stanley Chin-Bing

SAV-01-001-IP. Dynamic analysis of a switched reluctance motor
Lladó, Juan; Sánchez, Beatriz; Martínez, Abelardo; Pérez, F. José; Martín, Bonifacio; Laloya, Eduardo; Pollán, Tomás; Vicuña, Javier

SAV-01-002-IP. Direct numerical solution of the wave equation describing acoustic scattering and propagation through spatially complex dispersive media
Guy V. Norton

SAV-01-003-IP. Traveling waves and singular surfaces in nonlinear acoustics
P. M. Jordan

SAV-01-004. The relative significance of cross-order interface mobilities
Bonhoff, H. A.; Petersson, B. A. T.

SAV-01-005. Influence of cam profile errors on the dynamic behavior of a cam follower system
Trabelsi, Hassen; Chaâri, Fakher; Haddar, Mohamed

SAV-01-006. Energy approach to evaluation of vibrational energy transmission in joints
Cieslik, Jacek; Bochniak, Wojciech

SAV-01-007. Wave approach modeling of sandwich and laminate composite structures with viscoelastic layers
Sebastian Ghinet, Noureddine Atalla

SAV-01-008. Discrete vibrating systems with random damping: An identification method based on envelopes
Heinkelé, Christophe

SAV-01-009. Retrieval of a model for the removal of dispersion from wave fields in plates
Hörchens, Lars; De Vries, Diemer

SAV-01-010. Vibration and acoustic radiation analysis of a stiffened fluid-loaded plate using a wavenumber approach and a discrete Fourier transform
Maxit, Laurent

SAV-01-011. Sound radiation from a perforated unbaffled plate
Putra, Azma; Thompson, David

SAV-01-012. Comparison of integral and matrix formulation to estimate the mechanical radiation impedance of plane sound radiators
Arenas, Jorge; Alba, Jesus; Ramis, Jaime

SAV-01-013. The influence of material parameters and geometry on an active junction
Svensson, Jonas L.; Andersson, Patrik B.U.; Kropp, Wolfgang

SAV-01-014. The attenuation of structure-borne sound in non-periodically stiffened plates
Tschakert, R.; Petersson, B.A.T.

SAV-01-015. Vibration analysis of a tyre model using the wave finite element method
Waki, Yoshiyuki ; Mace, Brian ; Brennan, Michael

SAV-01-016. Approximate modal model of a discontinously varying thickness rectangular plate
Pastrian, Raul; Morcillo, Miguel Angel; Redon, Emmanuel; Herráez, Marta

SAV-01-017. Vibration of a cube excited by one percussion
Nieves, Francisco J.; Bayón, Ana; Salazar, Félix; Gascón, Francisco

SAV-01-018. Modal analysis and numerical simulation of the dynamic behaviour in multilayer panels
Ivorra Chorro, S.; Segura Alcaraz, J.G.; Gadea Borrell, J.M.; Francés Monllor, J.

SAV-01-019. Studies of capability of PZT actuators in ASAC
Svec, Petr; Jandak, Vojtech; Jiricek, Ondrej; Brothanek, Marek