Session Organizers: Yun-Fan Hwang; Jin-Huang Huang

SAV-02-001-IP. Coupling between two membranes of a japanese drum
Suzuki, Hideo; Hwang, Yun-Fan

SAV-02-002-IP. Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interactions in a japanese drum
Hwang, Y. F.; Chia-Pei Weng; Suzuki, Hideo

SAV-02-003. Finite element modelling for determination of acoustics attenuation
Julia, Sonnerup; Delphine, Bard; Per-Anders Wernberg; Göran, Sandberg

SAV-02-004-IP. Analytical description of Gaussian beams with finite aperture
Ding, Desheng; Lee, Bing-Jean; Huang, Jin H.

SAV-02-005. Numerical computation of the acoustic pressure in a coupled plate/fluid problem. Experimental validation
Sagartzazu, Xabier; Hervella-Nieto, Luis; Pagalday, Juan Manuel

SAV-02-006-IP. Wave Dispersion in Composite Plates Containing Spheroidal Inclusions
Liu, Yu-Cheng; Hwang, Y.F.; Huang, Jin H.

SAV-02-007-IP. Enhanced working-amplitude distribution of ultrasonic wide-blade horn with the use of a wave-tuning plate
Dai, Wen-Long; Y.C. Liu; Huang, Jin H.

SAV-02-008. Investigation on the dynamic behavior of a compound planetary gear drive
Dhouib, Seddik; Hbaieb, Riadh; Chaari, Fakher ; Haddar, Mohamed

SAV-02-009. Vibro-acoustic behavior of a gearbox transmission
Slim Abbes; Tahar Fakhfakh; Mohamed Haddar

SAV-02-010. Experimental and numerical analysis of vibroacoustic attenuation in sandwich structures
Martinez, Manex; Cortés, Fernando; Elejabarrieta, María Jesús