SAV-03-001. Measurement of dynamic properties of recycled tire rubber granulates and their mixture
Ameur, Chettah; Slah, Chedly; Mohamed, Ichchou; Olivier, Bareille

SAV-03-002. Hybrid techniques for simulating the transmission loss of a car door
Martín Sánchez, Juan Sabas, Hidalgo Otamendi, Antonio, González Ganso, Jose Andrés

SAV-03-003. Radiated Noise from Engine Blocks of Marine Engines
Deahwan Kim; Chinsuk Hong; Weui Bong Jeong

SAV-03-004. Wave guiding effects in light weight plates with truss-like core geometries
Kohrs, Torsten; Petersson, Björn A.T.

SAV-03-005. Modelling wave propagation in cylinders using a wave/finite element technique
Manconi, Elisabetta; Mace, Brian R.

SAV-03-006. Plate Vibration and Internal Acoustic Characteristics in Cylindrical Structure with an Excited End Plate
Kawanabe, Tomoaki; Masuda, Naoya; Moriyama, Hiroyuki

SAV-03-007. Energy transport in coupled beams and plates
Savin, Éric

SAV-03-008. A systematic approch for determining the acoustic radiation modes of structures with arbitrary geometry shapes
Jiancheng Tao; Xiaojun Qiu

SAV-03-009. The effects of internal resonances in vibration isolators under absolute velocity feedback control
Yan, Bo; Brennan, Mike; Elliott, Steve; Ferguson, Neil

SAV-03-010. Level measurement based on vibration analysis
Romina Kehl

SAV-03-011. State of the art and perspective about human vibration measurement & evaluation
Miccoli Giuseppe

SAV-03-012. The study on sound-absorbing properties of oblique micro-perforated panel
Rong-Ping Lai, Chung-Chiech Chiang, Kai-Hua Liu

SAV-03-013. Selective near-field acoustic holography
Alba Fernández, Jesús; Escuder Silla, Eva; Ramis Soriano, Jaime; del Rey Tormos, Romina

SAV-03-014. Vibro-acoustic behavior of Spanish bells with metallic and wooden yoke
Ivorra, Savador; Vera, Jenaro, Francés, Jorge

SAV-03-015. Vibration reduction of resiliently mounted pump-like machineries
Kim, Hyun-Sil; Kim, Jae-Seung; Kim, Bong-Ki

SAV-03-016. Insertion loss of cylindrical structures excited by high intensity acoustic loads
Park, S.-H.; Seo, S.-H.; Jeong, H.-K.; Jang, Y.-S.; Yi, Y.-M.; Cho G.-R.