Session Organizer: Armen Sarvazyan

ULT-01-001-IP. Radiation force as a universal phenomenon in wave motion
Sarvazyan, Armen

ULT-01-002-IP. New developments in supersonic shear imaging
Mathias Fink

ULT-01-003-IP. Clinical applications of acoustic adiation force impulse imaging
Nightingale, Kathryn; Palmeri, Mark; Zhai, Liang; Frinkley, Kristin; Wang, Michael; Dahl, Jeremy; Pinton, Gianmarco; Hsu, Stephen; Fahey, Brian; Dumont, Douglas; Trahey, Gregg

ULT-01-004-IP. Application of dynamic radiation force of ultrasound and tissue Acoustic Response in Medical Imaging
M. Fatemi, A. Alizad, D. H. Whaley, J. F. Greenleaf

ULT-01-005-IP. Material properties from ultrasound simulated vibrometry
James F. Greenleaf ; Shigao Chen, Xiaoming Zhang

ULT-01-006. Identification of prostate tissue structures and lesions by vibro- acoustography: An in-vitro study
A. Alizad, F. G. Mitri, B. J. Davis, J. F. Greenleaf, M. Fatemi

ULT-01-007. In vivo ARFI imaging of atherosclerosis with validation in a relevant pig model of CVD
Behler, Russell; Nichols, Timothy; Merricks, Elizabeth; Gallippi, Caterina

ULT-01-008. Generation and propagation of shear waves in inhomogeneous rubber-like media
Andreev, Valeriy; Vedernikov, Andrey

ULT-01-009. Transient acoustic radiation force elastography for HIFU applications
Berry, Gearóid; Melodelima, David; Xu, Lijun; Shipley, Jacqueline; Bamber, Jeffrey; ter Haar, Gail; Rivens, Ian; Duck, Francis