Session Organizer: Lawrence A. Crum

ULT-05-001-IP. Fifteen years of prostate cancer treatment with HIFU
Jean Yves Chapelon, Emmanuel Blanc, Albert Gelet

ULT-05-002-IP. HIFU therapy for palliation of advanced pancreatic cancer
Hwang, Joo Ha; Wang, Yak-Nam; Kargl, Steve; Cunitz, Bryan; Warren, Cinderella; Dunmire, Barbrina; Curra, Francesco; Zhou, Yufeng; Upton, Melissa; Starr, Frank; Mitchell, Stuart

ULT-05-003-IP. The role of bubbles in clinical high intensity focused ultrasound
ter Haar G., McLaughlan J., Rivens I.

ULT-05-004-IP. Brain therapy using focused ultrasound
Kullervo Hynynen

ULT-05-005. Focal shift in high intensity focused ultrasound
Makov, Yuri; Sánchez-Morcillo, Victor; Camarena, Francisco; Espinosa, Victor

ULT-05-006. Perspectives of tumour therapy by local ultrasonic hyperthermia and thermoablation
Lierke, Ernst G.; Hemsel, Tobias; Leibenger, Martin

ULT-05-007. Investigating the role of ultrasonic scattering in the wave absorption phenomenon
Cortela, Guillermo, C. A. Pereira, Wagner; San Emeterio, Jose Luis, Negreira, Carlos

ULT-05-008. Ultrasound-induced mechanical damage on cells enhanced by hypotonia-induced cell swelling
Loreto B. Feril, Katsuro Tachibana, Takashi Kondo, Kazuki Yamaguchi

ULT-05-009. Effect of low-intensity ultrasound on human gastric carcinoma in nude mice
Hitomi Endo, Katsiko Tachibana, Loreto B. Feril