Session Organizer: Enrique Riera

ULT-09-001-IP. Continuous ultrasonic process for biodiesel production
Stavarache, Carmen; Vinatoru, Mircea; Maeda, Yasuaki; Bandow, Hiroshi

ULT-09-002-IP. Acoustic shock waves as a cell-permeabilization method
Loske, Achim; Martínez de la Escalera, Gonzalo; Armenta, Eduardo; Varela, Alfredo

ULT-09-003-IP. The enhancement of mass transport processes using ultrasound
Kentish, Sandra; Ashokkumar, Muthupandian

ULT-09-004-IP. A brief history of the application of ultrasonics in food processing
Mawson, Raymond; Knoerzer, Kai

ULT-09-005-IP. Influence of process variables on hot air drying assisted by power ultrasound
García-Pérez, José V.; Cárcel, Juan A. ; Benedito, José; Riera, Enrique; Mulet, Antonio

ULT-09-006-IP. Prototype for the use of ultrasound in supercritical media
Riera, Enrique; Blanco, Alfonso, Acosta, Víctor M., Gallego-Juárez, Juan A.,Blasco, Miguel, Mulet, Antonio

ULT-09-007-IP. Sono-crystallization: from experimental results to microscopical interpretations
Louisnard, Olivier; Espitalier, Fabienne

ULT-09-009-IP. Effect of US treatment on the physical properties of whey and soy proteins
Vesna Lelas, Anet Režek Jambrak, Zoran Herceg, Suzana Rimac Brncic

ULT-09-010-IP. Chemistry under simultaneous microwave and ultrasonic irradiation
Pedro Cintas, Giancarlo Cravotto

ULT-09-011. Porosity engineering of polymeric foams by localised sonication
Torres-Sanchez, Carmen; Corney, Jonathan

ULT-09-012. Measuring output acoustic power of an ultrasonic surgical system using the calorimetric method
Antonio Petošic, Bojan Ivancevic, Kristian Jambrošic

ULT-09-013. The receiving range of sound field measurements in cavitating media: Definition of an effective distance
Koch, Christian; Jenderka, Klaus-Vitold

ULT-09-014. Technical aspects of use of ultrasound for intensification processing: new path to “green chemistry”
Yachmenev, Val; Condon, Brian; Lambert, Allan

ULT-09-015. Design of a Multi-DOF linear ultrasonic motor by use of a first longitudinal mode and two first bending modes
Kanasugi, Hideaki; Maeno, Takashi

ULT-09-016. Design of a ring-type ultrasonic motor by use of mixed vibration modes for implovement of efficienct and life time by reduction of slippage
Toeda, Makoto; Maeno, Takashi

ULT-09-017. Atomization of high-viscosity materials by one point convergence of sound waves radiated from an aerial ultrasonic source using a transverse vibrating plate
Miura, Hikaru