Session Organizer: Jose Luis San Emeterio

ULT-10-001-IP. Automatic Segmentation of Breast Tumours on Ultrasound Images Using Genetic Algorithms and Morphological Operators
Alvarenga, André V.; Pereira, Wagner C.A.; Infantosi, Antonio F.C.; Azevedo, Carolina M.

ULT-10-002-IP. Angle-dependent deconvolution of ultrasonic time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) signals
Honarvar, Farhang; Yaghootian, Amin

ULT-10-003-IP. On the use of the non-stationarity of the structural noise for defect visibility enhnacement in ultrasonic inspections
Izquierdo, M.A.G.; Hernández, M.G.; Molero, M ; Anaya, J.J

ULT-10-004-IP. Comparison of digital signal processing methods for the detection of isolated flaws using perpendicular ultrasonic transducers
Rodríguez, Miguel A.; Ramos, Antonio; San Emeterio, José L.

ULT-10-005-IP- Shift invariant wavelet processing of ultrasonic traces
Pardo, Emilia; San Emeterio, Jose Luis; Rodriguez, Miguel Angel; Ramos, Antonio

ULT-10-006-IP. A neuro-genetic approach to non-invasive temperature estimation in multilayered media under ultrasound therapy
Teixeira, C. A.; Ruano, M. Graça; Ruano, A. E.; Pereira, W. C. A.

ULT-10-007-IP. Ultrasonic signal processing for archaeological ceramic classification
Salazar, Addisson; Parra, Angela; Vergara, Luis; Doménech, María Teresa; Serrano, Arturo

ULT-10-008. Lamb Wave generation with an air-coupled piezoelectric array using square chirp excitation
Garcia-Rodriguez, Mercedes; Yañez, Yago; Garcia-Hernandez, Miguel; Salazar, Jordi; Turo, Antoni; Chavez, Juan Antonio

ULT-10-009. Ultrasound chirp imaging using a 40-MHz annular array
Jonathan Mamou, Jeffrey A., Ketterling Ronald, H. Silverman

ULT-10-010. Ultrasonic multiscale modelling for material characterisation: The multiresolution analysis for signal interpretation
Fairouz Bettayeb

ULT-10-011. Sparse deconvolution method for wave separation in NDT
Roux, Aurelien; Simon, Laurent; Idier, Jer^ome; Potel, Catherine; Lebon, Stephane;
de Belleval, Jean-Francois; Gherbezza, Jean-Marc

ULT-10-012. Evaluation of the concrete strength by using the quality factor of multi-reflected ultrasound
Tao, Liang; Mori, Yahiro; Motooka, Seiichi

ULT-10-013-IP. Separation of concurrent echoes depending on the emitting source using DS- CDMA
Ureña, J.; Pérez, M C.; Ochoa, A.; Hernández, A.; De Marziani, C. ; Álvarez, F. J.; García, J. J.; Jiménez, A.; Jiménez, J. A.

ULT-10-014. A wavelet application to improve the quality of images obtained using the synthetic aperture focusing technique
Calas, Héctor; Acevedo, Pedro, Moreno, Eduardo

ULT-10-015. Study of an algorithm’s performance to generate ultrasonic images using SAFT
Acevedo, Pedro; Calas, Héctor

ULT-10-016. Flaw detection on highly scattering materials using multiresolution analysis with time-frequency thresholding
Molero, M.; Izquierdo, M.A.G.; Hernández, M.G.; Anaya, J.J.; Sánchez, T.

ULT-10-017. Time reversal determination of particle concentration in liquid media
Pérez, Nicolás; Negreira, Carlos, Canetti, Rafael

ULT-10-018. Study on the submerged underground imaging with ultrasonic wave
Seo, Kunihiko; Shirakawa, Takashi; Sugimoto, Tsuneyoshi

ULT-10-019. Modeling a turbulent atmosphere as a dynamic channel for narrow-band ultrasonic signals
Álvarez, F. J.; Ureña, J.; Hernández, A.; Jiménez, A.; Villadangos, J. M.; Pérez, M C.

ULT-10-020. Bessel transducers: Analysis of the temperature field
Cortela, Guillermo, Aulet, Alina, Calas, Hector, C. A. Pereira, Wagner; Eiras, José A., Moreno, Eduardo, Negreira, Carlos