Session Organizers: Jeremy Hawkes; Itziar González

ULT-14-001-IP. Manipulation of cells in ultrasound standing waves for life sciences applications
Bazou, Despina; Coakley, W Terence

ULT-14-002-IP. Ultrasonic particle manipulation devices formed by resonantly-excited, cylindrical structures
Kaduchak, Gregory; Ward, Michael D.; Goddard, Gregory R.

ULT-14-003-IP. Modeling of the acoustic field within micromachined fluidic devices
Stefano Oberti; Adrian Neild; Jürg Dual

ULT-14-004-IP. Ultrasonic particle manipulation approaches in on-line vibrational spectroscopy
Radel, Stefan; Schnöller, Johannes; Dominguez-Vidal, Ana; Lendl, Bernhard; Gröschl, Martin; Benes, Ewald

ULT-14-005. Movement of airborne particles in tubular metal resonators
Jeremy J. Hawkes, Rito Mijarez-Castro, Peter R. Fielden; Pramukh N Jayassekera

ULT-14-006. Gentle cell handling using ultrasonic standing waves in a chip-based perfusion system for cell characterization and on-chip cultivation
Hultström, Jessica; Manneberg, Otto; Hertz, Hans M.; Wiklund Martin

ULT-14-007. Experiments and modelling of a stepped horn and a plate using natural frequencies and mode shapes for controlling particles motion
Rito Mijarez-Castro, Jeremy J. Hawkes, Peter R. Fielden, Pramukh N Jayassekera

ULT-14-008. Acoustic evaluation of ion-exchange
Hirawa, Shungo; Okada, Tetsuo

ULT-14-009-IP. Ultrasonic manipulation in miniature focused resonators as a multipurpose toolbox for handling and enrichment of bio-active particles and cells
Martin Wiklund

ULT-14-010-IP. Designing for nodal position in planar resonators for ultrasonic manipulation
Martyn Hill, Rosemary J Townsend, Nicholas R Harris

ULT-14-011-IP. Airborne cell analysis
Seyed Tabaei, Hongyan Liu, Loy Alkafadji, Estera Dey, Eva Degerman, Jonas Johansson, Anders Kristensen, Staffan Nilsson

ULT-14 -012. Ultrasonic immuno-agglutination tests for food-borne pathogenic bacteria
Ossina, Natalya; Panikov, Nikolai; Sizova, Maria; Bystryak, Simon

ULT-14 -013. HIV antibody detection using an ultrasound particle agglutination method
Ossina, Natalya; Ketema, Fassil; Constantine, Niel; Bystryak, Simon