Session Organizers: Thomas J. Matula; M. Versluis

ULT-16-001. Recent developments in theoretical modeling of microbubble contrast agents
Charles C. Church

ULT-16-002-IP. Combined optical and acoustical characterization of individual US contrast microbubbles
Sijl, Jeroen; Vos, Rik; de Jong, Nico; Lohse, Detlef; Versluis, Michel

ULT-16-003-IP. Engineering Microbubble Agents for Enhanced Detectability in Therapeutic Applications
Stride, Eleanor; Eckersley, Robert; Chetty, Kevin; Sennoga, Charles

ULT-16-004-IP. Polymer-shelled gas containing capsules for ultrasound mediated drug delivery
Böhmer, Marcel; Chlon, Ceciel; Guédon Constant; Shi, William; Hall, Christopher; Schmidt, Brian; van Wamel, Annemieke; Kooiman, Klazina; Emmer, Marcia; and de Jong; Nico

ULT-16-005-IP. Polymer-shelled contrast agents excited with 40-MHz ultrasound
Jeffrey A. Ketterling; Jonathan Mamou

ULT-16-006. 3D optical micromanipulation of ultrasound contrast agents: bubble-wall and bubble-bubble interactions
Overvelde, Marlies; Garbin, Valeria; Dollet, Benjamin; Cojoc, Dan; Ferrari, Enrico; De Jong, Nico; Di Fabrizio, Enzo; Lohse, Detlef; Versluis, Michel

ULT-16-007-IP. Cavitation Biology and the Safety of Contrast-Aided Diagnostic Ultrasound
Douglas L. Miller

ULT-16-008-IP. Experimental investigation of thermal response of the backscatter from untrasound contrast agent by means of a commercial clinical ultrasound equipment
Adriano Alippi; Andrea Bettucci; Angelo Biagioni; Francesco Paolo Branca; Franco Marinozzi; Fabiano Bini; Federico Patanè; Francesco Repanotti