ULT-17-001. Modelling of ultrasonic testing of cracks in claddings
Boström, Anders

ULT-17-002. A Virtual Instrument for Measurement and Visualization of Acoustic Pressure Field from Ultrasound Transducers
Alvarenga, A.V.; Costa-Felix,R.P.B.; Oliveira, E.G.

ULT-17-003. Acquisition of ultrasound signals for flour products testing
J. García-Álvarez, M. Gómez, A. Turó, J.A. Chávez, M.J. García, J. Salazar

ULT-17-004. Interaction of Gaussian laser beam with the ultrasonic wave of cylindrical symmetry
Ireneusz Grulkowski; Dawid Jankowski; Piotr Kwiek

ULT-17-005. Acoustical properties of binary mixtures of heptane with ethyl acetate and butyl acetate
Manisha Gupta, Divya Shukla, Shashi Singh, Shahla Parveen and J.P. Shukla

ULT-17-006 Acoustical, optical and thermodynamical investigation of ternary mixtures of Cyclohexanone + Heptane + Hexane using an ultrasonic technique
Irudayaraj Johnson

ULT-17-007. Ultrasonic study of Intermediate-valent Intermetallic YBAl2 at different physical conditions
P. K. Yadawa, R. R. Yadav

ULT-17-008. Comparison between the methods of the norm L1, L2, hilbert transform and phase analysis to obtain the time of flight of ultrasonic signals
Castellanos, Luis; Vera, Arturo; Ramos, Antonio; Rodríguez, Miguel; Leija, Lorenzo

ULT-17-009. Ultrasound characterization of energetic materials
Cobb, W. N.

ULT-17-010. Comparison of experimental results and numerical calculations of ultrasonic waves scattering on a model of artery
Wojcik, Janusz; Powalowski, Tadeusz; Trawinski, Zbigniew

ULT-17-011. Ultrasonic properties of quaternary alloys
R.R.Yadav, A.K.Yadav

ULT-17-012. Refracto-vibrometry - aconvenient method for visualizing ultrasound
Zipser, Lothar; Franke, Heinz

ULT-17-013. Measurements of the elastic moduli of laminated composites using ultrasonic technique
Elhabak, A. M.; Adly, M.; Gharieb, A. Ali

ULT-17-014. Modeling and optimisation of an ultrasonic generator
Coutard, Frédéric; Schweitzer, Patrick; Tisserand, Etienne

ULT-17-015. Detection of delamination defects in carbon fiber using ultrasonic signal processing
Abdessalem Benammar, R.Drai, A.Kechida, A.Guessoum

ULT-17-016. Tactile displaying method using ultrasonic vibrator for controlling sense of roughness and softness
Atsushi, Tazo; Takashi, Maeno

ULT-17-017. Resonance-based acoustic technique applied to the determination of Young’s modulus in granites
Del Río, Luis Mariano; López, Felicísima; Calleja, Beatriz; Tejado, Juan José; Mota, Mª Isabel; González, Israel; San Emeterio, José Luis; Ramos, Antonio

ULT-17-018. An ultrasound study of concrete hardening in construction pillars
Del Río, Luís Mariano; López, Felicísima; Pareja, Consuelo; Calleja, Beatriz

ULT-17-019. Theoretical and experimental study of the ultrasonic propagation in solid polymers
Maghlaoui, Nadir; Hakim ,Djelouah ; Tarek, Boutkedjirt

ULT-17-020. Finite-difference time-domain simulation of ultrasonic wave propagations through cancellous bone with various trabecular structures
Hosokawa, Atsushi

ULT -17-021. Nondestructive sum frequency vibro-acoustography imaging
Mitri, Farid G.; Fatemi, Mostafa

ULT-17-022. Quality control of liquid pigment-based suspensions using ultrasounds
Sierra, Carlos; Resa, Pablo; Elvira, Luis

ULT-17-023. Asymmetric collapse process of a bubble adhered to quartz glass; optical observation using high-speed video camera
Yoshida, Kenji; Fujikawa, Takaaki; Nakatani, Shintaro;Watanabe, Yoshiaki