Session Organizers: Guillermo Gaunaud; Hanson Huang

UNW-02-001-IP. New passive non-scattering and absorbing coatings of higher efficiency
Bobrovnitskii, Yuri

UNW-02-002. Control of Focused Pulse in Adaptive Time-Reversal Processing
Y.H. Byun, J.S.Kim, J.H.Cho

UNW-02-003. Internal solitons in the sea and some acoustic effects caused by them: findings of the last years
Serebryany, Andrey; Rybak, Samuil; Galybin, Nikolay; Tarasov, Leonid; Okhrimenko, Nikolay; Aredov, Aleksander

UNW-02-004. Coherence function of a low-frequency sound field in an oceanic waveguide with random inhomogeneities
Voronovich, Alexander; Ostashev, Vladimir

UNW-02-005. Relation between aperture diameter and incident angle of underwater acoustic lens
Nobuyuki Endoh, Sayuri Matsumoto, Takenobu Tsuchiya,Tetsuo Anada

UNW-02-006. Numerical application of nonuniform pseudo-spectral time-domain (PSTD) method for acoustic scattering on randomly rough ocean surface
Ha, Yonghoon; Lee, Keunhwa; Seong, Woojae; Park, Cheolsoo

UNW-02-007. Acoustic radiation from the extremity of a fluid loaded tube
Haumesser, Lionel; Léon, Fernand