PC01.Theory vs. Practical Cases in Room Acoustics
Kristian Jambrošic
PC02. Office noise – Effects and control
Valtteri Hongisto

PC03. Diagnostic and therapeutic applications of ultrasound in medicine
Xavier Serres-Créixams
PC04. Acoustics and Environmental Comfort
Sergio Luzzi

General Session 02: Active Noise and Vibration Control
ID104. A narrowband virtual sensing Active Noise Control system using ESPRIT for an aircraft interior
Erspamer A.; Mylonas D.; Yiakopoulos C.; Antoniadis I.
ID270. Feedback impedance control for sound absorption with corona discharge actuator
Stanislav Sergeev; Hervé Lissek
General Session 03: Aeroacoustics
ID30. Aeroacoustic Investigation of Refrigerator Air Duct and Flow Systems
Hazal Berfin Demir; Bayram Çelik; Koray Erdogan
ID51. A Virtual Source Method for the prediction of the sound field around rigid obstacles
Penelope Menounou; Sryros Bougiesis; Yannis Kallinderis; Panos Antonellis

ID55. Bayesian denoising of wind tunnel tests using background noise measurements – application to supersonic jet noise
Nicolas Aujogue; Jérôme Antoni; Quentin Leclère; Emmanuel Julliard
General Session 05: Animal and Bioacoustics
ID11. Dairy Cattle Welfare through Acoustic Analysis: preliminary results of acoustic environment description
Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès; Pol Llonch; Gerardo Jose Ginovart-Panisello; Raul Guevara; Marc Freixes; Muriel Castro; Leticia Duboc; Eva Mainau
ID159. Changes in the characterization of newborn bird vocalisations during first 48-h of life-hours
Gerardo José Ginovart-Panisello; Silvia Riva; Tesa Panisello Monjo; Rosa Ma Alsina-Pages
General Session 06: Auralisation
ID49. Universal parameters and similarity conditions in the study of the diffracted signal around a wedge
Penelope Menounou; Marios Spyropoulos
General Session 07: Community Noise
ID20. The Development of ISO/PAS 1996-3 on Impulsive Sound Prominence
Douglas Manvell; Torben Holm Pedersen
ID151. Acoustic properties of calcium silicate ducts used for ventilation and smoke extraction
Cyrille Demanet; Emmanuel Annerel; Wilfried Piontkowski

ID169. Noise annoyance from motorways is worse than annoyance from urban roads

Hans Bendtsen; Torben Holm Pedersen

General Session 09: Effects of Sound and Vibration on Humans
ID26. Extra-auditory effects from exposure to noise in working environments
Sergio Luzzi; Lucia Busa; Paola Pulella; Giulio Arcangeli; Veronica Traversini
ID37. A bio-monitoring tool for quantifying the effect of sound – and landscape on mental restoration in real nature and in virtual reality
Jorg De Winne; Jorg De Winne; Ehsan Eqlimi; Dick Botteldooren
ID197. Noise exposure at the place of residence is associated with atherothrombotic risk, in men but not in women. Findings from ENVI-MI (Environment and Myocardial Infarction) study
Fred Mauny; Sophie Pujol; Nadine Bernard; Yves Cottin; Magali Koczorowski; Marianne Zeller; Maud Maza; Jean-Claude Beer; Frédéric Chagué
ID228. A Study on Noise Exposure in School Environments
Francesco Asdrubali; Claudia Guattari; Lucia Busa; Sergio Luzzi; Paola Pulella; Franco Cotana; Michele Goretti; Piergiovanni Domenighini
General Session 10: Environmental Noise Exposure

ID148.Noise barriers as a road traffic noise intervention in an urban environment

Ablenya Grangeiro de Barros; Navid Hasheminejad; Jarl K. Kampen; Steve Vanlanduit; Cedric Vuye

ID196. Effect of media coverage about airport changes on aircraft noise annoyance during an airport study
Sarah Benz; Christin Belke; Dirk Schreckenberg
ID200. The role of noise annoyance for health-related effects of aircraft noise and recommendations for interventions
Sarah Benz; Julia Kuhlmann; Barbara Ohlenforst; Susanne Bartels; Sonja Jeram; Dirk Schreckenberg
ID214. Necessary adjustments in ISO 9613-2 and CNOSSOS (industries) methods for noise forecasting in Wind Farms
Vitor Rosão; Rui Leonardo; Pedro Santos
ID217. Cyclists’ Road Traffic Noise Exposure: Highlights of Bike-toWork Noise Measurements Campaign under Corona Lockdown in a Danish City
Jibran Khan; Franck Bertagnolio; Ole Hertel
ID262. Ranking Industrial Noise Sources with Noise Mapping and Beamforming Techniques
Luís Conde Santos
General Session 16: Noise Control Materials
ID58. Acoustic absorption of porous concrete – normal incidence vs diffuse field conditions
Laura Lourenço de Sousa; Luís Pereira; Denilson Ramos; Luís Godinho; Paulo Amado Mendes
ID160. Low-frequency noise reduction by a noise barrier made of a resonator array
Jieun Yang; Maarten Hornikx
ID211. Oblique Incidence Sound Absorption of Parallel Arrangement of Thin Microperforated Panel (MPP)
Iwan Prasetiyo; Indra Sihar; Anugrah Sabdono Sudarsono

ID239. Acoustic properties of high-capacity asphalt mixtures with alternate grain size

Jesús Carbajo-San-Martín; P. Poveda; J. Ramis; D. Ortega; G. Motos; J. López; J. M. Berenguer

ID40. Materials for simultaneous acoustic insulation and conditioning
Jesús Alba; Juan C. Rodríguez; Romina del Rey; Mª Cruz Grau; Ignacio Ramón
General Session 17: Noise Propagation in Ducts and Pipes
ID21. Experimental characterisation of the acoustic properties of a residential ventilation valve
Olivier Van Dessel; Hervé Denayer; Wim De Roeck
General Session 18: Non-linear Acoustics
ID19. Weakly Nonlinear Pulse Propagation in Large Caliber Weapons: a Time-Domain Approach based on the Nonlinear Progressive Wave Equation
Guido Billot; Benoît Georges Marinus; Kristof Harri
ID28. Acoustical shock waves interactions: Signal based determination of non-linearities
Deleu Samuel; Gojon Romain; Jérémie Gressier
ID41. Parametric generation of subwavelength acoustic vortices
Noé Jiménez; Joao Ealo; Rubén MuelasHurtado; Aroune Duclos; Vicente Romero García
ID264. Application of nonlinear wave modulation and break of reciprocity principle to assess corrosion-induced cracking in steel-reinforced concrete
Marina Miró; J.N. Eiras; Poveda-Martínez, Pedro; M. Á Climent; Ramis-Soriano, Jaime
General Session 19: Numerical and Computational Techniques
ID5. On the formulation of a BEM for solving wave propagation in acoustic domains with complex boundary conditions
A. Romero; P. Galvín; A. Tadeu
ID24. Simulation Study on the Noise Reduction Effect of Smoke Vent Layouts of Enclosed Noise Barriers
Jie Yang; Zhongxu Kang; Edgar Matas
ID50. Stable Finite Element Formulation for the Perturbed Convective Wave Equation
Kaltenbacher Manfred; Roppert Klaus; Schoder Stefan; Heinz Johannes
ID66. Lattice Boltzmann simulations in a rectilinear cascade configuration for the turbulence-airfoil interaction noise evaluation and reduction through serrated leading edges
Martin Buszyk; Thomas Le Garrec; Cyril Polacsek; Raphaël Barrier
ID96. Pile driving induced vibrations: prediction based on a timedomain nonlinear hyperelastic model
Tales Vieira Sofiste; Luís Godinho; Pedro Alves Costa; Delfim Soares
ID101. Numerical modelling of sonic crystal noise barriers with absorbing scatterers
Matheus Duarte Veloso; Luís Godinho; Paulo Amado Mendes; Javier Redondo; Matheus Pereira
ID161. Optimisation of railway noise barrier design using finite element and boundary element modelling methods
César Bustos; Vincent Jurdic; Calum Sharp; David Hiller
ID225. Numerical modelling of structural vibration with piece-wise constant material properties using the nodal discontinuous
Galerkin method Indra Sihar; Jieun Yang; Maarten Hornikx
ID244. Hybrid Fourier pseudospectral/discontinuous Galerkin timedomain method for urban sound propagation in a moving atmosphere
Matthias Cosnefroy; Maarten Hornikx
ID285. Development of a virtual auditorium occupied with virtual manikins used in thermo-acoustic evaluation
Eusébio Conceição; Mª Inês L. Conceição; Mª Manuela J. R. Lúcio; João M. M. Gomes; Hazim B. Awbi
ID9. Characterisation of hearing aids to determine the intelligibility of hearing impaired employees in a noisy working environment
Antoine Malrin; Joël Ducourneau; Patrick Chevret
General Session 20: Psychological and Physiological Acoustics
ID25. Relationship between acoustic perception and overall user experience in vacuum cleaners
Noemi Martin; Lisa-Marie Wadle
ID73. Auditory perception and the subjective representation of time
Michael Haverkamp
ID129. Effects of sound environment on perceived enclosure in urban street canyons
Nazmiye Gulenay Yilmaz; Pyoung-Jik Lee; Muhammad Imran; Jeong-Ho Jeong

ID180. The limen of azimuth as a Function of Frequency and Interaural Level Difference Guo Wenjing; Wang Heng; Geng Yuxuan; Li Shuaifeng; Liu Jie
ID252. Challenges on level calibration of online listening test: a proposed subjective method
Léopold Kritly; Vincent Basecq; Christ Glorieux; Monika Rychtáriková
D255. Influence of the COVID-19 mask on speech
Poveda-Martínez, Pedro; Carbajo-SanMartín, Jesús; Marco-Montejano, Alejandro; Castillo-Ginés, Ana B.; Bleda Pérez, Sergio; Ramis-Soriano, Jaime
General Session 21: Room and Building Acoustics
ID8. The acoustic characteristics of heritage theaters in Quito Ecuador
Ernesto Ochoa; Antonio Pedrero; Mª de los Ángeles Navacerrada
ID44. In situ acoustic characterization of a porous layer backed by a large air cavity
Baltazar Briere de La Hosseraye; Jieun Yang; Maarten Hornikx
ID52. Curves and empirical formulas for predicting the diffraction field caused by edges of finite length
Penelope Menounou; Nikolaos Gkourlias; Petros Nikolaou
ID62. Analytical solution for diffraction by finite edges in frequency domain
Petros Nikolaou; Penelope Menounou
ID63. Assessment of the low-frequency procedure in the field measurements of impact sound insulation
Mikko Kylliäinen; Lauri Talus; Jesse Lietzén; Pekka Latvanne; Ville Kovalainen
ID76. Sound flanking transmission by curtain wall mullions
Medelfef Youcef; Midelet Christophe; Ben Tahar Mabrouk; Lahbib Patrick
ID108. Sound absorption evaluated by analytical and experimental approaches of a variable acoustic solution composed of a multi-layer acoustic absorber
Anna Carolina Ripke Gaspar; Andreia Pereira; Luís Godinho; Paulo Amado Mendes; Diogo Manuel Rosa Mateus; Jesús Carbajo-San-Martín; Jaime RamisSoriano; Pedro Poveda
ID118. Optimization of multiple dynamic vibration absorbers for reduction of low frequency vibration of joist floor structures
Yi Qin; Jin Jack Tan; Maarten Hornikx
ID154. Double Skin Façade for university building in Mexico located in a high noise area
Antonio Bautista Kuri
ID164. Study on the convenience of performing façade insulation measurements using the low-frequency procedure in rooms with a volume above 25 m3
María Ángeles Navacerrada-Saturio; D. De la Prida; A. Pedrero; D. Caballol; A. DíazChyla; J. Pinilla
ID172. The ‘Teatro Principal’ of Valencia. Acoustics for Theatre or Music. Objective evaluation supported by acoustic simulation
Pérez-Aguilar, Blanca; Quintana Gallardo, Alberto; Guillén Guillamón, Ignacio
ID185. A hybrid room acoustic approach for auralization
Wouter Wittebol; Maarten Hornikx
ID195. Examples of constraint-based specification of room acoustic parameters
Andor T. Fürjes
ID198. Positioning sound absorption – a comparative study based on different calculation methods
Andor T. Fürjes
ID206. Airports: A study of the influence of spectral adaptation terms on the sound insulation of facades reinforcement
Sónia Monteiro Antunes; Jorge Patricio
ID241. Acoustic treatment for a radio studio at the Escola Politècnica Superior de Gandia (Polytechnic School of Gandia)
Jesús Alba; Juan C. Rodríguez; Gema Gonzalez; Maria Balagué; Maria Cruz Grau; Ignacio Ramon
ID280. On the use of a variable acoustic solution with perforated panels for a multi-purpose auditorium
Andreia Pereira; Gaspar A.; Godinho L.; Amado Mendes P.; Mateus D.; Carbajo J.; Ramis J.; Poveda P.
General Session 22: Signal Processing and Analysis
ID33. Using dark fibers in existing telecommunication cables for characterization vibration levels of railway infrastructure
Hölscher Paul; Edwin A. Obando Hernández; Pieter Doornenbal; Hielke Zandberg
ID68. Time-variant signal manipulation using frame multipliers
Christian H. Kasess; Thomas Maly; Peter Balazs; Wolfgang Kreuzer
General Session 24: Soundscape
ID78. Perceptual assessment of operation noises of equipment on construction sites
Joo Young Hong; Bhan Lam; Zhen-Ting Ong; Kenneth Ooi; Woon-Seng Gan; Sung Chan Lee
ID170. Soundscape characterisation of two motorway service areas
Gianluca Memoli; Letizia Chisari; Lara Ginevra Del Pizzo; Vincenzo Cirimele; Benedetto Carambia
ID203. Daumal method of auditory sensory tour, through the soundscapes of architecture and the city
Francesc Daumal I Domènech; Joaquim Serrat Gonzalez
ID207. Validated translation into Portuguese of perceptual attributes for soundscape assessment
Sónia Monteiro Antunes; Ranny Loureiro Xavier Nascimento Michalski; Maria Luiza de Ulhôa Carvalho; Sónia Alves
ID233. Sentinel: Versatile real-time acoustic autonomous monitoring system for studying natural soundscape
Damian Payo; Lucas E. Gonzalez; Pablo Kogan; Manuel C. Eguia
ID242. The soundscape of the Ko?cieliska Valley in the Tatra National Park – case study
Dorota Czopek; Katarzyna Sochaczewska; Jerzy Wiciak
General Session 25: Sound Quality
ID249. Remote Evaluation of Impulse Signals in Refrigerators Using Psychophysical Models
Henrique Silveira; Erasmo Felipe Vergara
ID277. Sound quality assessment: comparison of in-situ and on-line experiments Parizet Etienne; Dorian Grappe; Chaouki Benzekri; Clément Coppel
General Session 27: Transportation Noise
ID54. “The airport does what it wants to do anyways” – qualitative revisiting of the 4-factor model of fairness in the context of aviation research – first results of a focus group study
Dominik Hauptvogel; Julia Quehl; Susanne Bartels; Tobias Rothmund
ID61. The synergetic effect of nocturnal road noise exposure and work-related stress on self-rated sleep quality
Susanne Bartels; Mikael Ögren; Kim JeongLim; Sofie Fredriksson; Kerstin Persson Waye
ID135. Characterizing noise barriers: SOPRANOISE half-term progress report
Jean-Pierre Clairbois; Massimo Garai; Paolo Guidorzi; Wolfram Bartolomaeus; Michael Chudalla; Fabio Strigari; Marco Conter
ID210. Performance of low height railway noise barriers
João Lázaro; Matheus Pereira; Pedro Alves Costa; Luís Godinho
ID274. Sound quality objective evaluation of electric and combustion engine cars
Angelia Oktaviani Purnomo; Calista Talita; Sugeng Joko Sarwono; Anugrah Sabdono Sudarsono
General Session 28: Tyre, Road and Rail Noise
ID2. LIFE project Cool & Low Noise Asphalt: monitoring the acoustic performance of low noise pavements in the city center of Paris
Carlos Ribeiro; Jacopo Martini; Jérôme Lefèbvre; Giulia Custodi; Fanny Mietlicki
ID10. Shifts detection in the road surface condition through tyre/road noise analysis and pattern recognition approach
Carlos Ramos-Romero; Juan Manuel Cermeño; César Asensio
ID17. Low-noise road mixtures for electric vehicles
Filippo G. Pratico; Gianfranco Pellicano; Rosario Fedele
ID18. SOPRANOISE – in-situ inspection procedure for airborne sound insulation properties of existing noise barriers
Fabio Strigari; Michael Chudalla; Wolfram Bartolomaeus; Marco Conter; Andreas Fuchs; Massimo Garai; Christophe Nicodème; Jean-Pierre Clairbois
ID87. Acoustical characterization of low-noise prototype asphalt concretes for electric vehicles
Julien Cesbron; Simon Bianchetti; MarieAgnès Pallas; Filippo G. Praticò; Rosario Fedele; Gianfranco Pellicano; Antonino Moro; Francesco Bianco
ID133. Dynamic stiffness assessment of rubberized bituminous mixtures
Gil-Abarca A.; Vázquez V.F.; García-Hoz A.M.; Terán F.; Paje S.E.
ID156. Numerical tire impact model combining Finite Element and Boundary Element Methodologies
Miguel Fabra-Rodríguez; Ramón Peral Orts; Héctor Campello-Vicente; Nuria Campillo-Davó; Francisco Javier Simón Portillo
ID176. Low barriers for Railway Noise installed at Basque Country. Experience of Euskal Trenbide Sarea in Ermua
Manuel Vazquez; Itziar Aspuru; Fernandez, Pilar; López, Cristina; Peiró, Pilar; Torrecilla, Jesús
ID191. An approach to improve railway rolling noise calculations in CNOSSOS-EU: Refinement and validation using TWINS calculations
Venkataraman; Romain Rumpler; Siv Leth; Martin Toward; Tohmmy Bustad
ID201. Acoustic properties of several track types
Itziar Aspuru; Michael Dittrich; Manuel Vázquez; Alvaro Santander; Ana Leal; Marta Ruiz
General Session 29: Ultrasonics
ID38. Therapeutic ultrasound holograms to target thalamic nuclei through the temporal bone window
Diana Andrés; Irene Pi-Martin; Noé Jiménez; Francisco Camarena
ID69. Ultrasonic holograms to enhance hyperthermia volumes
Diana Andrés; Jonathan Vappou; Noé Jiménez; Francisco Camarena
ID97. Performance evaluation of image reconstruction algorithms for photoacoustic tomography
I. Pi-Martín; J.J. García-Garrigós; A. Cebrecos; N. Jiménez; F. Camarena
ID152. Eigenfrequency analysis of the vibrating horn in Ultrasonic Metal Welding
Elie Abi Raad; Jose Maria Uribe; Michael Vorländer
ID167. Sharp and nonlinear cavitation mapping using synchronized sinesweep imaging
Enrique González-Mateo; Nathalie Lamothe; Noé Jiménez; Francisco Camarena
General Session 30: Underwater Acoustics
ID283. Acoustic signatures of ships and their inclusion in underwater traffic noise prediction models
Michael Taroudakis; Emmanuel Skarsoulis

ID139. Noise generation and propagation by biomimetic dynamic foil thruster
Kostas Belibassakis; Iro Malefaki
General Session 31: Vibroacoustics, Isolation and Damping
ID60. Time domain analysis of vibrations induced by dynamic loads in tunnels
Carlos Albino; Luís Godinho; Daniel Diasda-Costa
ID237. Vibroacoustic analysis of composite thin fiberglass plate
Haydar Aygun
ID282. Detection of high moisture content in multilayered timber elements by means of non-destructive imaging techniques
Federica Morandi; Andrea Gasparella; Massimo Garai; Nicolas Quaegebeur; Patrice Masson
Structural Session 02: Acoustics of the lockdown
ID94. Multidimensional analysis to monitor the effects of COVID19 lockdown on the urban sound environment of Lorient
Pierre Aumond; Arnaud Can; Mathieu Lagrange; Félix Gontier; Catherine Lavandier
ID124. Noise immission level reduction during the lockdown considering four main noise sources with the greatest impact on the population
Sara Olivares; Joan Cardona; Behshad Noori
ID158. Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the sound environment of the city of Milan, Italy: a comparison of the pre, during and post lockdown periods
Francesc Alías; Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès; Roberto Benocci; Fabio Angelini; Giovanni Zambon
ID175. Noise levels evolution before, during and after the COVID19 Lockdown in Girona
Carme Martínez-Suquía; Pau Bergadà; Rosa Maria Alsina-Pagès
ID190. Perception of the acoustic environment in the remote working setting during the lockdown
Giuseppina Emma Puglisi; Sonja Di Blasio; Louena Shtrepi; Arianna Astolfi
ID194. Sounds and noises during a period of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil
Poliana Lopes de Oliveira; E. Felipe Vergara; Gildean do Nascimento Almeida; Maria Lúcia da Rosa Oiticica; Jordana Teixeira da Silva; Elisabeth de Albuquerque Cavalcanti Duarte Gonçalves
Structural Session 03: Urban Sound Environment
ID3. Sounds of Smart City: a subjective review of acoustical problems appearing in creating intelligent urban areas
Jan Ka?mierczak; Barbara Ro?a?owska; Joanna Bartnicka; Kinga Stecu?a;  Waldemar Paszkowski; Artur Kuboszek; Arkadiusz Boczkowski
ID64. A Research on the Evaluation and Usability of Mosque Gardens as Quiet Areas
Gulsen Akin Guler; Asli Ozcevik Bilen
ID141. A detailed investigation on three-dimensional sound emittance of today’s motorized vehicles in urban contexts
Marschner Holger; Krimm Jochen; Techen Holger; Büdding Yvonne; Fiedler Ralf
ID188. Categorization of urban sound sources: A taxonomical framework based on digenesis and intention
Kivanc Kitapci; Dogukan Ozdemir
ID224. Cultural Soundscape Evaluation on Re-functionalized Historical Sites with Adaptive Reuse Approach: Ankara Citadel Case Papatya
Nur Dökmeci Yörüko?lu; Zehra Gediz Urak; U?ur Beyza Erçakmak Osma
Structural Session 04: Low-cost sensor networks for noise mon.itoring and advanced charact. of urban sound environments
ID53. Multilabel acoustic event classification for urban sound monitoring at a traffic intersection
Ester Vidaña-Vila; Dan Stowell; Joan Navarro; Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès
ID57. A high density network of low cost acoustic sensors based on wired and airborne transmission of spectral data
Ardouin Jérémy; Baron Jean-Claude; Charpentier Ludovic; David Ecotiere; Fortin Nicolas; Gontier Félix; Guillaume Gwenael; Mathieu Lagrange
ID70. Implementation and performance assessment of a MEMS based Sound Level Meter
Kham Savanne; Marmaroli Patrick; Minier Jordan; Boulandet Romain
ID80. CENSE Project: general overview
Arnaud Can; Judicaël Picaut; Jérémy Ardouin; Pierre Crépeaux; Erwan Bocher; David Ecotière; Mathieu Lagrange
ID93. Urban sensor network for characterizing the sound environment in Lorient (France) through an automatic assessment of traffic, voice and bird presence ratios
Catherine Lavandier; Pierre Aumond; Arnaud Can; Félix Gontier; Mathieu Lagrange; Gwendall Petit
ID109. Faster and more accurate noise mapping combining metamodeling and data assimilation
Antoine Lesieur; Vivien Mallet; Pierre Aumond; Arnaud Can

ID122. Improvement of city noise map production processes and sensitivity analysis to noise models inputs
Pierre Aumond; Erwan Bocher; David Ecotière; Nicolas Fortin; Benoit Gauvreau; Gwenaël Guillaume; Gwendal Petit
ID130. Capturing the spatial and temporal variability of urban noise: do low-cost sensors offer a step towards higher resolution noise monitoring?
Tatiana Alvares-Sanches; Patrick E. Osborne; Paul R. White; Calvin Jephcote; John Gulliver
ID145. Self-calibrating Acoustic Sensor Networks with Per-Channel Energy Normalization
Vincent Lostanlen
ID183. Design of a low-cost sound measurement device with wifi connectivity
Pedro Atanasio-Moraga; Jaime Borrallo Rivera; Antonio Gordillo Guerrero; Juan Miguel Barrigón Morillas; David Montes González; Guillermo Rey Gozalo; Guillermo Rey Gozalo
ID234. Low-cost noise monitoring: STEM education as a medium to collect population based noise exposure data
Luc Dekoninck
ID243. Determining the origin of impulsive noise events using paired wireless sound sensors
Fabian Nemazi; Jon Nordby
Structural Session 05: Open-Plan Offices
ID6. Open plan office noise is stressful: Multimodal stress detection in a simulated work environment
Elizabeth (Libby) Sander; James Birt; Cecelia Marques; Matthew Stead; Oliver Baumann
ID15. Measurement and Prediction of Speech Level Reduction of a Phone Booth in Three Different Open-plan Offices
Jukka Keränen; Valtteri Hongisto
ID107. ISO 3382-3 Round Robin test in an open-plan office
Valtteri Hongisto; Jukka Keränen
ID143. Measurement uncertainty and unicity of acoustic single number quantities in open-plan offices
Lucas Lenne; Patrick Chevret; Etienne Parizet
ID165. Space dynamics for work performance enhancement in open plan office
Hyun In Jo; Haram Lee; Beta Bayu Santika; Jin Yong Jeon
ID184. Tagging noise sources in offices through Machine-Learning techniques
Dario Dorazio; Domenico de Salvio; Massimo Garai
ID199. Wave-based room acoustic simulations of an open plan office
Huiqing Wang; Wouter Wittebol; Matthias Cosnefroy; Maarten Hornikx; Remy Wenmaekers
ID208. How will ISO 22955 affect designs for open plan offices?
Jack Harvie-Clark; Ethan Bourdeau; Patrick Chevret; Laurent Brocolini
ID245. Investigating noise disturbance in open-plan offices using measurements of the room acoustics, and of the sound environment during occupancy
Manuj Yadav; Densil Cabrera; Jungsoo Kim; James Love; Jonothan Holmes; Janina Fels; Richard de Dear
ID247. Office noise reduces work performance – A tool to assess the payback time of room acoustic investments
Valtteri Hongisto
Structural Session 06: Scattering control by sound diffusers and metamaterials
ID42. Twisting acoustic reflections by spiral sound diffusers
Noé Jiménez; Jean-Philippe Groby; Vicente Romero-García
ID46. Scattering control by using correlated disorder
Vicente Romero-García; Svetlana Kuznetsova; Élie Chéron
ID59. Sound diffusing metasurfaces based on elastic plates and membranes
José Manuel Requena-Plens; Jean-Philippe Groby; Vicente Romero-García; Noé Jiménez
ID99. Application of metamaterials to control noise scattering during space vehicle lift-off
Escartí-Guillem, Mara S.; Barriuso Feijoo, Pablo; Cebrecos, Alejandro; Chimeno Manguán, Marcos; Cobo, Pedro; GarcíaRaffi, Lluis M.; Groby, Jean-Philippe
ID113. On the use of slow sound to time delay a pulse
M. Malléjac; V. Tournat; V. RomeroGarcía; J.-P. Groby; P. Sheng
ID138. Spiraling waves and detection of phase singularities in objects immersed in inhomogeneous acoustic fields
Ludovic Alhaïtz; Diego Baresch; Thomas Brunet; Christophe Aristégui; Olivier Poncelet
ID162. From Quasi-Perfect to Broadband Sound Diffusion Using Metadiffusers
Eric Ballestero; Noé Jiménez; Jean-Philippe Groby; Haydar Aygun; Stephen Dance; Vicent Romero-García
Structural Session 07: Acoustic metamaterials
ID12. A theoretical approach on designing wideband acoustic absorbers
Ela Fasllija; Semiha Yilmazer; Cengiz Yilmazer
ID31. Fast forced response calculations of finite metamaterial plates using a Generalized Bloch Mode Synthesis based substructuring approach
Lucas Van Belle; Claus Claeys; Elke Deckers; Wim Desmet
ID65. A Meta-structure for Low-frequency Acoustic Treatment Based on a KDamper-Inertial Amplification Concept
Moris Kalderon; Andreas Paradeisiotis; Ioannis Antoniadis
ID85. On the use of the Angular Spectrum Method for the evaluation of acoustic metasurfaces
Abdelhalim Azbaid El Ouahabi; Gianluca Memoli
ID91. Passive equalizer with variable resonator rings for musical instruments
Lorenzo Bonoldi; Gianluca Memoli; Abdelhalim Azbaid El Ouahabi
ID92. Fundamental constraints on broadband passive acoustic treatments
Yang Meng; Vicente Romero-García; Gwénaël Gabard; Jean-Philippe Groby; Charlie Bricault; Sébastien Goude
ID114. Inverse design of a Helmholtz resonator-based acoustic metasurface for low-frequency sound absorption using deep neural network
K. Mahesh; S. Kumar Ranjith; R. S. Mini
ID115. Preliminary studies for metamaterial-based audio systems
Letizia Chisari; Mario Di Cola; Paolo Martignon; Gianluca Memoli
ID116. Effective properties derivation of Willis-type 1D asymmetric resonant structures
M. Malléjac; A. Merkel; D. Torrent; J. Li; V.Tournat; V. Romero-García; J.-P. Groby
ID127. Perfect broadband sound absorber metamaterial for noise reduction in a rocket launch
José M. Requena-Plens; Rubén Picó; Víctor J. Sánchez-Morcillo; Noé Jiménez; Alejandro Cebrecos; Mara S. Escartí Guillem
ID128. Low-frequency sound transmission loss of honeycomb metastructure with in-parallel arrangement of Helmholtz resonators
Denilson Ramos; Luis Godinho; Paulo Amado-Mendes; Paulo Mareze

ID157. Acoustic metamaterial for low frequency harmonic noise mitigation
Michal Kozupa; Beata Kotra
ID177. Redirection of flexural waves in thin plates
Jose Sanchez-Dehesa; Penglin Gao; Francisco Cervera
ID257. Natural sonic crystal absorber constituted of Aegagropilae fiber network Laurianne Barguet; Vicente RomeroGarcía; Noé Jiménez; Luís M. Garcia-Raffi; Victor J. Sánchez-Morcillo; Jean-Philippe Groby
Structural Session 08: Computational methods for acoustic materials
ID112. Topology optimization of plate structures for sound transmission loss improvement in specific frequency
Daniele Giannini; Mattias Schevenels; Edwin Reynders
Structural Session 09: Measurement of sound absorption
ID7. A 2D waveguide to measure oblique incidence reflection and transmission coefficients
Ze Zhang; Hervé Denayer; Claus Claeys; Wim Desmet; Elke Deckers
ID40. Experimental techniques for measuring sound absorption through micro-perforated partitions
Bravo Teresa; Maury Cédric
ID45. Perfect acoustic absorption in reciprocal ventilated problems
Vicente Romero-García; Noé Jiménez; Vincent Pagneux
ID103. An acoustic impedance measurement technique using one cardioid microphone in a tube
Kazuma Hoshi; Toshiki Hanyu
ID111. Learning the finite size effect for in-situ absorption measurement
Elias Zea; Eric Brandao; Melanie Nolan; Joakim Anden; Jacques Cuenca; Peter Svensson
ID120. Differences in absorption coefficient determination using the Sabine and Millintong-Sette equations for different samples of natural virgin cork
David Montes González; Juan Miguel Barrigón Morillas; Valentín Gómez Escobar; Rosendo Vílchez-Gómez; Rubén Maderuelo-Sanz; Guillermo Rey Gozalo; Pedro Atanasio Moraga
ID131. Comparison of measurement and prediction for acoustical treatments designed with Transfer Matrix Models
Rinaldi Petrolli; Artur Zorzo; Peter D’Antonio
ID202. An experimental approach for estimating the impedance of elastic non-porous materials
Matthieu Hartenstein; Efren FernandezGrande; Vicente Cutanda-Henriquez
ID218. On the Estimation of Directional Decay Times in Reverberation Rooms
Marco Berzborn; Jamilla Balint; Michael Vorländer
ID235. Modeling the edge effect for inverse determination of porous absorbers using feed forward neural networks
Mark Müller-Giebeler; Michael Vorländer
ID250. Round robin study of a reference sample for PU in-situ sound absorption characterization
Fanyu Meng; Dani Fernandez
Structural Session 10: Exp. and num. approaches for the characterisation of (building) Structural and mats
ID77. European round robin test for the improvement of impact sound insulation of a vinyl floor covering
Arne Dijckmans; Lieven De Geetere
ID102. Characterisation of the equivalent orthotropic elastic properties of CLT panels
Andrea Santoni; Patrizio Fausti
ID117. Reduction of low-frequency vibration of joist floor structures by multiple dynamic vibration absorbers: comparison of experimental and computational results
Yi Qin; Jin Jack Tan; Maarten Hornikx
Structural Session 11: Sound insulation of timber building
ID13. A systematic comparison between EN ISO 12354 calculations of CLT floors with a large set of laboratory and field measurements
Christian Simmons
ID16. Effects of construction details on measured sound insulation of timber frame partition walls
Bernd Nusser; Christian Lux
ID81. Noise propagation through wooden posts
Philippe Jean; Catherine Guigou-Carter; Bertrand de Bastiani
ID84. Acoustic performance of a CLT-based 3 floor building mockup
Catherine Guigou Carter; Jean-Luc Kouyoumji; Nicolas Balanant; Bertrand De Bastiani
ID182. Sound insulation performance of CLT prefabricated modules for high-rise buildings
Giacomo Vairetti; Alfons Hartman; Yvo Pol; Diana de Krom
Structural Session 12: Development and application of EN ISO 12354 to national building techniques
ID106. A participatory approach to the evaluation of acoustic behavior of national building techniques
Luca Barbaresi; Antonino Di Bella
ID163. Comparison of standard EN 12354 versions 2000 and 2017 applied to simulations of acoustic performance in buildings
Bárbara Fengler; Raquel Rossatto Rocha; José Carlos Giner
Structural Session 13: BIM in acoustics
ID43. Challenges in entire building sound insulation calculation
Cástor Rodríguez-Fernández; Roberto San Millán-Castillo; Eduardo Latorre-Iglesias
ID72. Application of BIM Model Checking in building acoustic design
Antonino Di Bella
ID74. Development of an architectural acoustic study through a complete Open BIM workflow
Victor Díez Montenegro; Sebastien Agnolin; Pascal Ducruet
ID146. An open BIM workflow for the prediction of sound insulation in timber constructions
Camille Châteauvieux-Hellwig; Ulrich Schanda; Ekaterine Geladze; Fabian Schöpfer; Felix Frischmann; Andreas Rabold; Andreas Mayr
ID204. Brazilian BIM Objects Standard- How to Deal with Acoustics?
Carolina Monteiro; Paola Weitbrecht; Cecilia Jardim
ID253. BIM Process for acoustic problems
Costantino Carlo Mastino; Antonino Di Bella; Luca Barbaresi; Giovanni Semprini; Andrea Frattolillo
Structural Session 16: Characterisation of structure-borne sound sources
ID67. Numerical simulation of floor impact sound using vibroacoustic finite-difference time-domain method
Takumi Asakura
ID89. Latest results on the characterization of waste water pipes according to the draft EN 14366
Sven Öhler; Bernd Kaltbeitzel
Structural Session 17: Prediction of airborne and impact sound insulation  
ID34. Determining the influence of the junction length on the vibration transmission across junctions
Wannes Stalmans; Cédric Van hoorickx; Edwin Reynders
ID36. Challenges in interactive sound insulation auralization
Michael Vorländer
ID88. Numerical Acoustic Modelling of Cross-Laminated Timber Elements
Sven Vallely; Stefan Schoenwald
ID136. A modal transfer matrix approach for the prediction of impact sound insulation
J. Vastiau; C. Van hoorickx; E. Reynders
ID266. Uncertainty quantification of diffuse sound insulation values
Edwin Reynders; Cédric Van hoorickx
Structural Session 18: Ground-borne noise in buildings
ID35. Railway-induced ground-borne noise in buildings: case-study of the CEVA line in Geneva (CH) BOZZOLO
Dario; Vincenza Barbaro; David Cordier
ID71. A case study on railway-induced ground-borne noise numerical modeling Benjamin Oksanen; Jesse Lietzén; Timo Huhtala; Mikko Kylliäinen
ID147. Building structural impact response to Train pass-by and to MLS excitation
Robin Walther; Abbes Kacem; Arthur Leclerc; Emmanuel Thoraval; Nizar Sayad
ID168. Prediction of building noise and vibration – 3D finite element and 1D wave propagation models
Lutz Auersch
ID263. Predicting structure-borne sound in buildings due to outdoor ground vibration: what can be used from the European standards predicting the acoustic performances of buildings?
Michel Villot
Structural Session 19: Objective and perceptual evaluation of sound fields inindoor and outdoor spaces
ID48. Acoustic Virtual Reality as a Learning Framework for Built Environment Students Alessia Milo; Maarten Hornikx
ID79. Noise unmasks the masking effect of reverberation on early reflections in the intelligibility of speech
Nicola Prodi; Matteo Pellegatti; Chiara Visentin
ID100. Sound field synthesis: Simulation and evaluation of auralized interaural cues over an extended area
Matthieu Kuntz; Bernhard U. Seeber
ID126. Assessment of reverberation perception in atrium spaces
Rozhin Naeemaee; Zühre Sü Gül
ID153. On the Acoustics of the Vianna da Motta Auditorium in Lisbon
Diogo Alarcão; Pedro Bello; Octávio Inácio
ID231. The influence of room acoustic parameters on the impression of orchestral blending
Jithin Thilakan; Otavio Colella Gomes; Malte Kob
ID251. How does the choice of the sound reproduction system affect the perceptual evaluation of impact sound insulation?
Dominik Kisi; Marko Horvat; Vedran Planinec; Kristian Jambroši
ID258. On the use of audible sound from modulated ultrasound in indoor spaces
David Ortega; Carbajo-San-Martín, Jesús; Poveda-Martínez, Pedro; Ramis-Soriano, Jaime
Structural Session 20: Parametric modelling and room acoustic simulation
ID27. Façade design through parametric modelling for environmental noise mitigation in a courtyard
Elena Badino; Louena Shtrepi; Arianna Astolfi
ID121. An Integrated Computational Approach for the Design of Tailored Acoustic Surfaces
Maia Zheliazkova
ID123. Computational design applied to small room acoustics: creating and evaluating custom solutions
Valentijn Bors; Sebastiaan Bors
ID125. FDTD Simulation Study of Acoustic Enclosure
Shape Zackery Belanger; Elizabeth Teret
ID132. Generating Complex Reflective and Diffusive Geometries through Parametric Design
Laura C. Brill; John T. Strong; Scott D. Pfeiffer; Marcus R. Mayell
ID140. Parametric Acoustics: Design techniques that integrate modelling and simulation
Brady Peters; John Nguyen; Randa Omar
ID144. Rapid Prototyping in Acoustics: Designing Sound Diffusive Panels with Rhino and Grasshopper for Robotic Fabrication
Anastasia Chatzikonstantinou; Karl Ostvall; Chase Gause; Pierre Chigot; Erling Nilsson
ID171. Parametric study of speech privacy in semi-enclosed meeting pods
Pantea Alambeigi; Jane Burry
ID212. Parametricising sound for early-stage design: An information design problem?
Nicole Gardner; Matthias Haeusler; Daniel Yu
ID226. Applications of Machine Learning Bounding-Breps for Optimised Acoustical Reflectors John O’Keefe
Structural Session 21: Acoustic environments for children: design and effects on listening and learning
ID22. Comprehension of dysphonic speech by primary students
Pasquale Bottalico; Silvia Murgia
ID39. Sentence comprehension and word recall in noisy classrooms: links with cognitive and noise-sensitivity measures
Chiara Visentin; Matteo Pellegatti; Nicola Prodi
ID47. Better Communication and Learning in the Classroom. Trainingteachers’ awareness of voice use and room acoustics, an intervention study
Viveka Lyberg Åhlander; Suvi Karjalainen; Birgitta Sahlén; K. Jonas Brännström; Anna Houmann
ID98. The cognitive effects of noise on the memory performance of children with cochlear implants
Barbara Arfé; Gaia Spicciarelli; Flavia Gheller; Massimiliano Facca; Nadina Gómez-Merino; Patrizia Trevisi; Alessandro Martini
ID149. Combined assessment of cognitive and physiological parameters in child-appropriate listening experiments
Karin Loh; Christoph Hoog Antink; Sophie Nolden; Janina Fels
ID173. Elementary classroom acoustics: what really matters
Greta Minelli; Giuseppina Emma Puglisi; Arianna Astolfi
ID205. Student activity and speech levels before and after acoustic enhancement and PA redesign
Domenico De Salvio; Dario D’Orazio; Massimo Garai
Structural Session 22: Room acoustic effect on voice and instruments
ID23. Voice Production Changes in Artificial Environments
Pasquale Bottalico; Tomas Sierra-Polanco
ID216. Voice support from acoustically retroreflective surfaces
Densil Cabrera; Jonothan Holmes; Shuai Lu; Mary Rapp; Manuj Yadav; Manuj Yadav
Structural Session 23: Session for MSc students of architect. and civil engng. present. their thesis
ID229. Acoustic comfort contribution to the overall indoor environmental quality in workplaces
Silvia Fasano; Virginia Isabella Fissore; Giuseppina Emma Puglisi; Louena Shtrepi; Giorgia Spigliantini; Arianna Astolfi
ID232. Investigation of acoustical phenomenon in atria covered by structural glass roof
Richard Simek; Vojtech Chmelík
ID267. Digital Recontruction of a Baroque Soundscape: The church of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola (1626), Rome
Barbe Dumoulin; Yannick Sluyts; Prof. Krista De Jonge; Monika Rychtáriková
ID268. The effect of mask wearing on speech intelligibility in various architectural environments in schools
TingChun Lee; Yannick Sluyts; Daniel Urban; Monika Rychtáriková
ID269. Acoustic Comfort Evaluation Based on Architectural Aspects in Atria Majid Lavasani; Yannick Sluyts; Daniel Urban; Monika Rychtáriková