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TECNIACÚTICA 54.  CUENCA 18-20 Oct.2023


DAGA 2023, 49th Annual Conference on Acoustics

After DAGA 2001 and INTER-NOISE 2016, DAGA 2023 is another acoustic highlight dropping anchor in the northern German metropolis. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg has been characterized by its port for centuries. More than 40% of Germany's seaborne cargo is handled via Europe's third-largest container port and Germany's largest seaport, making Hamburg Germany's "gateway to the world" in the truest sense of the word.


NOISE-CON is an annual conference organized and run by INCE-USA. While international contributions are encouraged, the primary focus of this conference is noise control in North America. The proceedings from this conference are published by INCE-USA and can be found in the INCE-USA Digital Library: Institute of Noise Control Engineering (ingentaconnect.com). The conference is held in different locations throughout North America annually. However, in years where INTER-NOISE is hosted in North America, NOISE-CON does not occur.