Preciso, versátil y acorde con las últimas necesidades de medición: el T210 es la nueva generación de sensores de par rotativos.

Más información sobre el nuevo sensor de par rotativo T210, perfecto para aplicaciones de final de línea o bancos de ensayos de desarrollo.

The torque transducer T210 features a precise measuring system which transmits the measurement values as well as the supply energy in a contactless way from the rotor to the stator. Additionally, the rotational speed and the angle of rotation are captured. These values are then handed over via a voltage or frequency-output. With these features the T210 shaft torque sensor is well-equipped to be used universally and is often found in End-of-Line applications or in development test benches. Finally, the round shaft ends allow for an easy and free of play integration. Thanks to its standardized design, almost all existing plants can be effortlessly retrofitted with T210.

  • HBM Accuracy Class: 0.1
  • Nominal torque: 0.5 to 200 N·m
  • Nominal rotational speed: up to 30,000 min-1
  • Speed measurement: 512 impulses/rotation